Updated 29/05/18

Grace acheived Grand Champion status at the North of Britain February 2018

****** Both Dan and Jess now UK Imperials at the Supreme 2017 !! ******

Dalteema Cairngorm Became Grand Premier at the Supreme Show 2015

CH & UK I Gr Pr Dalteema Tiffany Truffle Became Our First UK Imperial Grand Premier at the Supreme Show 2014

Breeder Of Top Kitten 2013 Dalteema Satsumo

Top Prefix 2013

Breeder Of Top Kitten 2012: Dalteema Dollysmixture

Top Prefix 2010

Breeder Of Top Kitten 2010: Dalteema Star Saphire

Top Prefix 2009

Breeders of Top Kitten 2007: Dalteema Diamante Dolly