Dalteema Birmans

Dalteema birmans are one of the top breeders of show quality Birmans in the UK, specialising in the paler colours of the Birman breed such as Red, Cream, Blue and Lilac with a sprinkling of Torties and Tabbies as well as points.


We are based in the South Yorkshire area and we started showing Birmans in 2002 after we got our first birman (Toby) in 2000 (after you have one you just have to have more!!)

Amber attained her GOLD Olympian standard at the Lakeland show 2015 and is the VERY first ever Birman Pedigree Pet to achieve this standard! She is now retired except for a few exhibition classes at select breed shows through the year.

Dalteema Diamond Dan one of our best show cats won OVERALL BEST IN SHOW at the Northern birman cat club show 2013 !! what a triumph!!

Dalteema Dolly'smixture was TOP KITTEN in both the Northern Birman and the Birman Cat Clubs 2012.

Dalteema Tanzanite was TOP LILAC EXHIBIT 2012 in both the Northern Birman and the Birman Cat Clubs.

We have our own external runs, but most of our Birmans live with us in the house and kittens are born in the house where we can check on them at all times and socialise them as and when they are ready. All the show cats are also pets and some of the permanent Birmans no longer are shown or have been put into the pedigree pet classes.

We have been TOP Prefix 2009 and 2010 and 2013 (Birman Cat Club).

Contact: Dawn 07731455412 or email: dawn@dalteema.co.uk




Picture by Carol Walker